Puppy Kit


What is a puppy kit?


A bag, tote or backpack that holds all the things you will need when you take your puppy out.

Puppy Kit Contents

bullet Items needed for cleaning up 'park time' duties:
  • Paper towels (lots of them)
  • Baggies (plastic grocery bags, plastic sleeves from newspapers, available at pet stores)
  • Small container of water mixed with vinegar


bullet Documentation (in case of an emergency):
  • Puppy's medical card (or copy) from The Seeing Eye
  • Phone numbers for your veterinarian's office, The Seeing Eye, Vicki and Marty
  • Veterinarian form


bullet Other necessities:
  • Extra leash and collar (in case one breaks)
  • Dish or bowl for drinking water (puppies are not to share drinking bowls)
  • Bottle of water